All businesses are different but they’re all of the same mind when it comes to depending on IT systems – surprises are never a good thing. With ComputerCare from SolveAssist you’re guaranteed a cost-effective, time saving, on demand solution, tailored to your specific business needs. Our ComputerCare package is ideal for a range of business requirements, whether you’re looking to save money on IT maintenance, employment and call out costs, or just don’t have the space to set up your own on-site IT team. For a small monthly fee your business can benefit from 24/7, unlimited access to SolveAssist’s experienced professionals, and allow ComputerCare to become the dedicated IT department you can depend on – exactly when you need it. At SolveAssist we know there’s more to smooth running IT systems than simply fixing issues when they arise, which is why we include a comprehensive maintenance service as part of our package. From individual computers to servers and networks, we ensure that your systems are fine-tuned for optimum business efficiency from the start.
Computer Support

We can repair all computer problems be it hardware or software, a computer or a server at SolveAssist we have the expertise to fix any issue that arises and do preventive maintenance to stop any future issues.

Save money and time

Unlike other computer repair companies we have Microsoft Qualified engineers who know issues outright. Be it Linux, MacOS or Windows we have the expertise to fix the problem the first time round.

Guaranteed Response Times

We will visit you or collect your computer within 24 hours of you contacting us. We will also start the repair the same day to try get you up and running again.

Cloud Backup

If you lost all your documents and data it could cripple your business or lose pictures such as wedding photos. SolveAssist can provide a Cloud Backup solution that ensures your data remains safe regardless of what happens.

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by Robert Bishop
from Hi Power Limited

Good somethings never change!

SolveAssist served me so well with my previous company they were the first supplier on my list for my new company. With a clean sheet I am able to manage my property portfolio all the bills and invoices using our new computer system, it helps me do my accounting and reporting meaning I can concentrate on learning and developing my new interests in Property Rental.