Business Broadband Why choose SolveAssist? 1. Speed: we offer the fastest speed capable for the area in which your business is located. This enables you to work at maximum productivity and efficiency – no waiting around for pages to load. 2. Unlimited data: no need to try to estimate how much you will use or worry about exceeding limits and incurring extra charges. 3. No fair usage policy: you can use the internet as often as you need and however you need to. 4. Simplicity: we are not trying to pull the wool over your eyes and lure you into a deal which appears attractive but turns out to be expensive or inconvenient. Our broadband packages are transparent and uncomplicated. 5. No jargon: just tell us what you need and we will give you a quote. No need to puzzle your way through complicated package descriptions. 6. Competitive prices: our prices can help you reduce your operating costs. 7. Tailored packages: we want to know exactly what you need so that we can provide a package which is ideal for your business. No ‘one size fits all’, nor will we try to sell a more complex package than you really need. 8. Optional extras: we also provide telephone services and IT services. These packages are also simple, jargon free, competitively priced and efficient. You can ask about them at the outset or consider adding extra options later on. 9. Excellent technical advice: we specialise in IT solutions and therefore can provide fast, reliable assistance.

The ultimate business computing package. Everything is included

Brand new business computer bundled with Office & Antivirus with 24/7 Support and Cloud Backup

Brand New Computer

We will provide you with a brand new fully loaded Desktop PC or Laptop for your business, fast and state of the art hardware ensures they are fast and don’t crash. Running on the latest version of Windows.

24/7 Technical Support

We become your IT department any and all technical problems you have we will resolve at no extra cost, we are available 24/7 to solve your computer problems.

Latest Office & Antivirus

No more spending £100’s on software licenses. We provide Microsoft Office and award winning Antivirus for your computer fully licensed. No more worrying about license renewals or out of date software, you get the latest software included.

Cloud Backup

What would happen if all your important documents were lost? Your accounts gone? Invoices corrupted? Never worry again about computer disasters with SolveAssist your data is backed up securely to the Cloud.

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by Robert Bishop
from Hi Power Limited

Good somethings never change!

SolveAssist served me so well with my previous company they were the first supplier on my list for my new company. With a clean sheet I am able to manage my property portfolio all the bills and invoices using our new computer system, it helps me do my accounting and reporting meaning I can concentrate on learning and developing my new interests in Property Rental.